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The art style is really good and there isn't to much wrong with the picture. Her breasts seem...strange,I can't really put my finger on...

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So it should be obvious I haven't posted anything in almost two months!I have been going through some trouble in my life recently(and still am).I am starting to finish chapter 13 though.It is currently at fifteen paragraphs so I need another five before I even think of posting it.

I plan on posting more often then once every two months.So sorry for the long wait the next chapter should be done pretty soon though!
Jing gets up and grabs a change of clothing for her and Scot and
walks to the bathroom door and motions for Scot to follow her.Scot
gets up and follows her into the bathroom.Jing sets the clothing
down on the bathroom counter and looks at Scot for a few moments.

"I...I-I'm sorry.I can't do this." Jing says starting to tear up.
Scot walks over to her and puts his arms around her "No it's fine
don't worry about it."."But..." Jing gets cut off "Shhh.There
isn't anything wrong." Scot says."You aren't mad?" Jing asks."No
I'm not." Scot replies.

"Go ahead and take a shower I will take one after you're done."
Scot states.Jing nods and Scot walks out of the bathroom.While
Jing showers Scot sits on the bed and practices channeling his
mana.Some time passes and the bathroom door opens.

Jing quickly skitters out un-clothed to Scot's surprised."Jing?!"
Scot hastily asks."I-I accidently got my clothes wet I needed to
get another set." Jing shyly replies.Scot watches as Jing stumbles
around the drawers collecting her clothing before skittering back
into the bathroom closing the door.

A few moments pass and Jing walks back out fully clothed still
blushing a deep shade of red."Y-you can shower now." Jing says
sitting on the bed next to Scot.Standing up Scot looks back at
Jing before closing the door.As Scot undresses and prepares the
shower he looks over at the counter to see both sets of their
clothing still on the counter.

Once done showering Scot dries off and gets dresssed.Opening the
door and walking back into the bedroom Scot see's Jing sitting on
the bed waiting for him.Jing looks up at him and see's him holding
her dry clothes and turns red again.Scot not saying anything puts
the clothing back in the drawers.

As Scot walks out to the hallway he leans down whispering into
Jing's ear "I told you that you look good in anything.".After Scot
leaves the bedroom Jing gets up and follows him into the hallway.
They walk into the kitchen and Jing says "What should we have for

"Hmmm...Maybe something simple like eggs and sausage?" Scot
replies."Sure." Jing says getting the food.Scot helps Jing cook
breakfast and they sit down to eat.

Once done eating breakfast they clean the dishes and check their
gear.Jing gets up taking her crossbow and quiver "So,you ready?"
she asks.Scot stands up taking his bow and quiver "Yeah let's go."
he replies.

They both start walking to the Marketplace in the cold morning
air."I'm nervous..." Jing confesses to Scot."I know you are cause
I am too." Scot says."I don't want to do bad in front of you."
Jing says."Don't worry you will be fine." Scot comforts as he puts
his arm around Jing.

As they arrive at the Marketplace they see it's almost completely
empty save for a few immortals and Guan Yu."Well both of you are
early." Guan says as Jing and Scot walk up to him."We didn't want
to risk being late." Scot says."Well just sit up there on the cart
and when it's time you will be sent to Mount Olympus and then to
the hunting grounds." Guan explains.

"Hunting grounds?" Jing asks."They aren't going to hold the
competition at Mount Olympus anymore.They don't want to risk
something going wrong.So they had Terra and Cabrakan help them
make a new island for any competition." Guan replies.Jing nods
"Thank you.".Jing and Scot walk over to the wooden cart that has
a canvas roof and climb into the back of it.

Jing sits down and Scot sits next to her.Leaning on Scot's
shoulder Jing looks up at him.Scot smiles as Jing puts her hand on
Scot's chest "Your heart is racing." she says."I'm just nervous.I
am sure I will be fine." Scot replies looking down at her.Jing
smiles as she closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Time passes and Scot observes Guan watching over the immortals to
make sure they do their job right."So you're the new hunter?" a
voice asks.Scot turns to the voice and see's a man with a bow and
quiver climbing into the cart."Yeah..." Scot replies."Well I'm
Hou Yi.The third Chinese hunter." Hou Yi introduces himself.

"I see you already know Jing Wei." Hou Yi remarks."Yeah me and her
kind of know each other pretty well already." Scot says."Oh?Please
do tell." Hou Yi says curiously."Well me and her live together..."
Scot explains before Hou yi cuts him off "Live together?!"."Um
yes?" Scot replies."You have been here for how long again?" Hou Yi
asks."I never said how long I was here...but it's been about two
weeks or so." Scot replies."Not even a month and both of you live
together?" Hou Yi says surprised.

Jing wakes up from the conversation looks at Hou Yi."Huh?Oh hi
Hou Yi." Jing says sleepily."Hi Jing." Hou Yi replies."What was
you two talking about?" Jing asks."I was surprised that in the
small amount of time that...I never asked your name." Hou Yi says.
"Scot." Scot tells Hou Yi.With a nod Hou Yi continues "Scot has
been here that both of you live together."."Oh...we kind of...may
have fell in love with each other." Jing explains grabbing onto
Scot's arm.

Hou Yi nods "I understand.It's nice to see you found someone
Jing.".Hou Yi looks at Scot "It's nice that two are together.She
has always been very shy and quiet.Rarely speaking me to or
anyone else.I also don't know if anyone has told you but for us
Chinese gods we are just one big family.It may take a little while
to see it but we care for each other...Well except for Ao Kuang."
Hou Yi explains."Ao Kuang?" Scot asks."Ao is the god of the East
Sea.Don't waste your time with him.He is just a hot head with a
attitude." Hou Yi answers.

"Good to see all of you getting along." Guan says walking to the
back of the cart."Did you know that Jing and Scot are living
together?" Hou Yi asks Guan."I have known for a while now." Guan
says."I remember when I was escorting Scot across the bridge to
the Chinese island and Jing was flying over and I guess she caught
his eye cause he watched her until she flew away." Guan chuckles.
Jing looks at Scot and smiles.

"Well you three ready for today?" Guan asks the hunters."Nervous
but ready." Scot replies."Yup!" Jing says excited.Hou yi simply
nods."Alright well everything is set up we are gonna let people in
just sit here and it won't be long till you guys are off." Guan
explains."Scot,Since this is your first competition what is gonna
happen is people are gonna come in here the vendors at the
storefronts are gonna sell their stuff some other festivities will
occur and at the end before you leave here there will be a Q & A
for the three of you then you will be off." Guan says to Scot.

Scot nods and Guan nods back and walks away."Don't be too nervous
everything will be fine." Hou Yi assures Scot.As immortals start
to enter the marketplace again and the three hunters sit in the
cart patiently.Time passes and Guan steps onto on a wooden
platform and speaks into a microphone "Alright the time has come
for the Q & A session.Anyone who has questions for the hunters
come up and ask them anything."

While Guan is speaking 3 festival officials in white uniforms
step over the ropes separating the crowd of immortals from the
cart and hand each of the hunters a wireless microphone.One of
the officials steps onto the wheel of the cart and whispers to
Scot "You're the new hunter so a lot of the questions might be
to you just be calm and give clear answers." the official quietly
explains.Scot nods and the officials step back over the rope.

A few moments pass and the first immortal steps onto the platform.
"This is to uh Scot.Being the new hunter do you think you will do
good against the other hunters?".Scot takes a very brief moment to
collect himself and think of a answer."I have practiced something
that I am sure will stand out from the other hunters." Scot says.

The next immortal steps onto the platform."This is for...Jing and
Scot.I noticed how close you two are.Are both of you together or
something?"."Me and him are together...we even live together as
well." Jing happily replies.Jing looks over at Scot and smiles and
nudges his arm.

"Since you two are together could kiss?" the third
immortal asks.Scot looks at Jing and Jing looks back.Scot glances
over at Hou Yi who is watching both of them.Returning his gaze to
Jing,Scot leans in and kisses Jing.A loud "Aw" erupts from the
crowd as Scot pulls away and looks at Jing who is blushing red.

Several more immortals step up and ask various questions to the
hunters.After a couple mroe minutes and questions pass Guan steps
onto the platform and speaks into the mic "Well I am sure this was
a interesting Q & A.Lot's of good questions and jokes and even a
kiss.".Guan gets cut off by the crowd cheering.Once the crowd
calms down Guan speaks again "But the time has come for the
hunters to head off.Once they arrive at the competition grounds
they will be shown up on the screen." Guan motions to the giant

"So farewell to the hunters for now and may their aim be true."
Guan finishes as the the crowd is parted by the officials and the
cart is driven out of the marketplace.The hunters sit in silence
as they leave the city and head to the bridge.They begin crossing
the bridge and Jing nudges Scot saying "Look there is Mount
Olympus.".Looking to the ahead there towers the pure marble
structure known as Mount Olympus.
They finish eating and wash the dishes.Scot looks at Jing and asks
"Ready to go on our date?".Jing smiles "Yes I do."."Then let's
get changed and go." Scot says.Jing nods and they both head into
the bedroom.Jing grabs her swimsuit and walks into the bathroom to
change while Scot changes in the bedroom.

After changing into their swimsuits they put back on their clothes
and grab their gear.They head out and begin walking.As they walk
through the forest Jing glances over at Scot and watches him as he
practices maintaining his wings.

Jing grabs Scot's hand and he loses focus and his wings vanish.
"Ah!I'm sorry." Jing says."It's fine just,lost focus." Scot
replies.Jing smiles and wraps her arms around Scot's arm.

Arriving at the lake they undress down to their swimsuits and
leave their gear at a tree and Jing runs to the lake and dives
into it.Scot smiles and quickly follows her.Jing and Scot swim for
a while.Scot surfaces after diving and looks at the bank and see's
Jing sitting on the drawing in the sand.Scot swims under the
surface and surprises Jing.

Panicking Jing messes up the sand."Something wrong?" Scot asks
curiously."N-nothing!" Jing says turning red hiding her face.Scot
gets out of the water and sits next to Jing.They both sit in
silence for a while.Until Scot draws a heart with 'Jing Wei +
Scot' in it."You should look up." Scot says as he dives into the

Scot swims around for a while.Then swims back to the bank and
looks at Jing who is looking at the ground.Scot sits next to Jing
and she looks over at him.Scot looks at the heart on the ground
and then to Jing.They sit there just staring at each other not
saying anything or even moving.

Seconds feel like hours until Jing leans over and kisses Scot.
"J-Jing?!" Scot says surprised.Jing smiles and pushes Scot to the
ground and lays on top of him.Scot slowly puts his arms around

They lay on the warm sand for several minutes."Scot?" Jing asks
quietly."What is it?" Scot replies just as quietly."Your heart is
racing...why?" Jing says."C-cause." Scot stutters.Jing sits up
straddling Scot's waist "Cause your..." Jing takes a deep breath
"Cause your girlfriend kissed you?" Jing says looking at Scot
blushing a deep red.

Scot looks back just as red as Jing "G-girlfriend?" Scot asks."Of
course...I mean you live with me and it's obvious we have feelings
for each other." Jing says."I know...I just...never have dealt
with something like this before." Scot explains."I haven't either
but I...know that I l..." Jing says before going quiet.

Scot sits up and looks at Jing.Scot leans closer and kisses Jing
and whispers in ear "I love you.".As Scot leans back Jing looks at
him a deep shade of red "S-Scot..." Jing mutters.Scot looks at
Jing not saying anything."...I...I love you too." Jing says as she
hugs Scot.

Jing let's go of Scot and they both look at each other for a
while.Standing up Jing looks at Scot "We still have a lot of time
together today.".Scot gets to his feet "Yeah we do.".Jing smiles
and dives into the water again.Scot looks down at the heart in the
sand before following Jing.

The day passes quickly.Jing and Scot sit on the bank "Well...what
now?" Jing asks."What do you mean?" Scot replies curiously."Us.
What do we do now?We confessed our feelings to each other.So
what now?" Jing asks again."Well it's simply official that we are
together now.We kind of was together just neither of us said it
out loud.But as far as we go...we just be together and let what
happen just...happen." Scot answers.

Jing looks at Scot for a few moments before nodding."Maybe we
should go back.It's getting late." Scot tells Jing."Yeah I guess
we should." Jing replies.They dive into the lake and swim across
to the other side.Once they get to their gear they dry off and
they get dressed."Before we go." Scot stops Jing and runs to the
Hibiscus field.

After a few moments Scot comes running back with several Hibiscus
flowers in hand.Jing smiles as Scot hands her the flowers "For
you."."Thank..." Jing gets cut off by Scot kissing her.Jing looks
at Scot blushing.Jing smiles and grabs Scot's hand and they both
start to walk back to city.

As they walk it starts getting dark.Scot looks over at Jing and
see's her holding onto his arm barely awake.Scot stops walking and
picks Jing up and carries her."Scot?" Jing says in a sleepy,quiet
tone."Shhh just rest." Scot replies.Jing grabs onto Scot's shirt
and closes her eyes.

Scot continues to walk to the city with Jing in his arms.Arriving
back at the city Scot looks down at Jing and see's her asleep.
Walking into the city it's almost completely empty and the
streetlights are on.Scot walks down the road towards Jing's
house when it starts raining so Scot tries to hurry up.

Once getting into the house Scot carries Jing into the bedroom and
gently places her on the bed and covers her up.After drying off
and putting the flowers into a vase Scot gets under the covers
and goes to sleep.

Waking up early Scot gets up and stretches.Looking over at the
small alarm clock on the bedside table Scot reaches over and
nudges Jing trying to wake her up.Waiting for a few moments Scot
nudges her again.Another few moments pass but Jing doesn't wake
up.So Scot leans over and whispers "Jing,wake up.".

"Mmm?What?" Jing says rolling over."You need to get up.The
competition is today." Scot says softly.Jing jolts up and looks at
Scot "What?What time is it?"."It's 4 am we have plenty of time."
Scot says with a smile.

Jing calms down "Oh good.Thanks for waking me up." Jing says as
she hugs Scot."Well are you ready?" Jing asks."For the
cometition?" Scot replies."Of course!" Jing says."Yeah I am.I also
am a little nervous." Scot confesses."You will do great I just
know it." Jing assures Scot.

"We should probably start getting ready.Don't want to risk getting
there late." Scot says."Yeah...but um...could you maybe a
little favor?" Jing says flustered."Hmm?What is it?" Scot asks
curiously."Well...we need to take a shower right?...Could we maybe
um...take one together?" Jing asks nervously.Scot looks at Jing
wide eyed "I-I mean...we could.Do you really...want to?".Jing
nods blushing a deep shade of red.

Scot grabs Jing's hand and comforts her.Jing gives a assuring
smile and sits on the side of the bed."So you want to?" Jing asks.
"Yes I do." Scot replies.
Jing and Scot wake up early in the morning.After getting dressed
they have breakfast and while cleaning the dishes Jing says "I
don't like asking this but...the competition is coming up and we
should practice but.If we practice together we won't be able to
focus completely.So maybe...we should practice alone.".Scot looks
at Jing."I would like to practice with you but I know what you
mean.So we probably should." Scot replies.

They finish cleaning dishes in silence and gather their gear.Jing
stands in the doorway looking at Scot."I know we are gonna see
each other again in a few days but...I don't want to go." Jing
says starting to tear up a little.Scot walks up to her and hugs
her."It's okay.Like you said we will see each other again in a few
days." Scot says in a soft voice.

Jing composes herself and steps away from Scot.They look at each
other without saying anything."Good luck." Jing says."Hey don't
forget." Scot says flashing his necklace.Jing clutches hers as she
looks at Scot."We are never that far from each other." Scot says
as he smiles.With a smile Jing takes off and flies away.Scot
watches as she gets to far to see."I think I'll head north into
the hills and train there." Scot thinks as he sets out onto his
journey to train.

Days pass as Jing and Scot train on their own making great
progress.They keep training for five days.On the fifth day they
both started to come back.

Scot arrives at the north end of the city around noon.Walking down
the mainroad into the marketplace Scot is shocked to see all the
stalls gone.There is some horses and a large cart in what was the
Marketplace.Guan Yu is talking to someone as Scot approaches.

Guan notices and turns to Scot motioning for the other person to
leave."Scot?What do you want?" Guan asks."Why is the Marketplace
empty?" Scot replies."For the competition.You,Jing Wei and Hou Yi
will be in this cart and driven out to the competition grounds
past Mount Olympus.The competition is also live for people to
watch which we will have on this screen." Guan says pointing to
a large screen over some of the storefronts.Scot shocked at how
he didn't notice the screen looks at it.

"The day after tomorrow you will need to be here early in the
morning.So be prepared." Guan explains.Scot gives a nod and runs
off to Jing's house.Arriving at Jing's house Scot tries to open
the door but it is still locked.Assuming Jing hasn't gotten back
yet Scot sits at the door and waits.

Noon turns into dusk.Jing arrives back at her house and lands in
front of Scot."Scot are you okay?!" Jing asks worriedly.Scot comes
to and looks up "Oh Jing you are back!" he exclaims happily.Scot
stands up and holds Jing in tightly in his arms."I missed you."
Scot says.

Jing puts her arms around him "I missed you to.".Scot lets go and
Jing looks at him."However...why was you at my door?" Jing asks.
"Well...I wanted to know when you got back but the door was locked
so I just sat here and waited for you." Scot answers.

Jing sighs "It was raining you idiot."."It was?I couldn't tell."
Scot replies.Jing pouts looking at Scot."I'm a hunter remember?A
little rain won't bother me." Scot smiles.Jing unlocks the door
they walk in.Closing the door Jing looks at Scot "So what did you
train?"."Well I don't want to tell I want to show." Scot says.

Jing looks at Scot curiously and walks past the kitchen into
the living room and sits on the couch."It isn't gonna like blow
anything over is it?" Jing asks."No nothing like that." Scot
chuckles."Just watch." Scot says as he begins channeling his mana.

A few moments pass as white streaks of mana infused air slowly
swirls around Scot.Focusing as hard as he can Scot generates very
crude wings out of the mana infused air.Jing wide eyed stares at

"So what do you think?" Scot asks."You...I don't believe it." Jing
says as she gets up and walks behind Scot looking at the wings.
"They don't work yet and I can't maintain them for long but it's
a start." Scot explains.Jing reaches out and gently touches
one of the wings but they vanish."Ah!I'm so sorry!" Jing quickly
says."It's fine.I haven't gotten used to it yet so they aren't
very stable.A good breeze would break them." Scot assures Jing.

"I did a little research at the library before I went training.
I looked at some magic books about conjuring.From what I saw
I could conjure permanent wings.But it would take practice and a
lot of work.But I had to start somewhere." Scot explains.Jing
looks at Scot and asks "Are you...doing this cause of me?".Scot
looks back not saying anything for a moment but speaks "Yes...Like
I said.I want to fly with you.".

Jing can't help but tear up and she wraps her arms around him.
Scot holds Jing close and she begins to sob."I-is something
wrong?" Scot asks confused.Jing looks up at him crying "No it's
just...I have never known anyone who would try so hard to do
anything like that...for me."."I would do a lot of things for
you." Scot says.Jing hides her face in Scot's chest and continues
to cry as Scot comforts her.

Moments pass and Jing collects herself."I'm...better now." She
says looking at Scot."I'm just so happy that you would try to do
something like that...just for me." Jing says.Scot says nothing
but smiles at Jing."I'm tired.Let's go to sleep?" Jing asks.

"Sure." Scot replies.Jing and Scot get ready and go to bed.Jing
wakes up early and enters the bathroom to take a shower.The noise
from the shower wakes Scot up.Walking into the living room Scot
stretches and peeks out of the curtains to nothing but darkness.

Sitting down on the couch Scot practices channeling his mana
while Jing finishes her shower.Scot can hear the shower turn off.
A few minutes pass and Jing walks into the hallway."Oh that's
where you are." Jing says walking into the living room."I was
waiting for you to finish so I could take one." Scot replies.

Opening his hunter pack he takes out his extra clothing and gets
up off of the couch."I mean I would have joined you but I thought
I would wait." Scot teases and starts to walk around the couch.As
Scot enters the hallway he looks at Jing and can clearly see she
is flustered.

Once done showering Scot dries off and gets dressed.Walking into
the living room Scot see's Jing sitting on the couch practicing
magic."How's it going?" Scot asks.Jing looks back at him with a
smile "Just practicing.".

Scot crouches down in front of Jing "Put your hands out.".Jing
extends her hands and Scot puts his hands under hers and focuses.
A few moments pass and small trails of lightning begin to form.
They continue forming more often and for longer until a small
circle of lightning forms and spins.

"Whoa." Jing says surprised.Scot opens his eyes and looks at Jing
"I have been trying something special...something you will see
tomorrow at the range." Scot says smiling."Oh really?" Jing
replies curiously."Yep.However today...I really want to spend time
with you." Scot says.

"Like a date?" Jing says blushing a little."Maybe a day at the
lake?" Scot asks."Is that just a excuse to get me in a swimsuit
again?" Jing asks playfully."Trust me you are beautiful in
anything." Scot flirts.Jing looks down at the lightning flustered
and see's the lightning turned into the shape of a heart."S-Scot?"
Jing stutters.

Scot looks down at the lightning and stops channeling it looking
away flustered himself.Jing slides off the couch and onto Scot's
back putting her arms around his neck.Scot surprised stops himself
from falling over."Jing?" Scot says suprised.Jing puts her head
on Scot's shoulder.Scot stands up and holds Jing's legs."Don't
drop me!" Jing says shocked.

"I'm not gonna drop you." Scot replies.Jing tightens her grip.Scot
carries Jing around the living room for a while before puting
her down.Jing smiles and walks into the kitchen."Well when do you
want to go?" Scot asks as Jing walks back with breakfast."How
about after breakfast?I also hope eggs,sausage and deer are good
enough for breakfast." Jing replies.Scot nudges Jing as she sits
down "As long as you were the one who cooked it.".Jing smiles as
they begin to eat.
Jing walks back into the living room in new clothes and with her
hair in twintails again."Aw you was really pretty with your hair
down." Scot says smiling."It's easier to manage like this though."
Jing replies.Jing grabs her crossbow and quiver and walks over to
Scot who is standing by the door.

They walk out into the road and start walking to Scot's house."I
need to go to my house that alright?" Scot asks."Sure
but um...could I come in so I could see it?" Jing asks."Yeah
I don't mind." Scot says happily as they continue walking.

Arriving at Scot's house they both walk in."It isn't as nice as
your place but it works." Scot says as he walks into the bedroom.
Jing walks around as Scot begins changing clothes."This is a nice
home.I am sure you wil..." Jing stops as she stands in the doorway
to Scot's bedroom shocked as she looks at Scot who is completely

Scot quickly looks at Jing as she rushes back into the living
room saying "I'm sorry I didn't know you were changing clothes!".
After changing clothes Scot walks into the living room and see's
Jing sitting on the couch."Sorry I should have closed the door."
Scot says."N-no it's was my fault." Jing replies.Scot
places his hand on Jing's shoulder trying to comfort her.Jing
grabs Scot hand and places it on her cheek.

Jing looks up at Scot and smiles as she gets up.Scot grabs his
gear and they both head out back into the city.They walk towards
the main road as Jing asks "Where should we try hunting?"."We
could go north.When I was looking for the lake I tried north and
found a nice shady hill that would be perfect." Scot answers.

"I never have been up there." Jing replies with a smile.Arriving
at the main road they head north.Walking through the marketplace
Jing grabs Scot's hand and they both briskly traverse the
marketplace.They reach the north exit of the city and head into
the forest.

Jing and Scot travel for about a hour and a half until they reach
the river."If we go upstream we should arrive at the hill in
about a hour." Scot explains.Jing nods and they both start walking

They arrive at the hill and look around."It's a little late for
deer to be around.We might need to wait until early morning to
get one." Scot explains.Jing looks down shyly "I-I am okay with
that.".Scot smiles and climbs into a tree.Jing jumps up and flies
up landing onto a branch near Scot.

"Hey Jing.How long can you fly?" Scot asks."Um...I think the
longest was 5 hours." Jing answers."I wish I could fly...I have
been trying to get better at magic so I can do it.I would love to
fly around with you." Scot says.Jing blushes as she looks at Scot
"That would be great.".

Time passes and Jing and Scot talk about various things.They day
goes by and noon turns to dusk.As the sunlight fades and things
grow dark Scot looks over at Jing and see's she fell asleep.He
smiles softly as he looks at her."She is so beautiful when she is
asleep." Scot thinks to himself.Hearing movement Scot turns his
head and see's a deer walking by.

He slowly nocks a arrow and takes aim.The deer stops and looks
around giving Scot the perfect shot.Before releasing the arrow
Scot thinks to himself."What if Jing wants to go home in the
morning cause I killed a deer..." as he thinks he withdraws the
arrow and puts it back in his quiver letting the deer go."I'd
rather spend more time with Jing then to get a deer." Scot thinks
to himself as he watches the deer walk away.

Scot leans against the tree and gets some sleep.Waking up early in
the morning Scot looks around.It's still to dark to see far but
looking over at Jing's tree he can see her still asleep.A few
minutes later Jing wakes up.She looks over at Scot and waves.Scot
notices and waves back.

Waiting quietly in the trees the sun begins to rise.Looking at
the forest floor several deer can be seen drinking from the
stream.Jing readies her crossbow and Scot nocks a arrow.They look
at each other and nod.They take aim at 2 separate deer.After Jing
fires her crossbow Scot releases his arrow.Both of the deer are
hit and the rest scatter.

Jing and Scot sit quietly in their trees for a few minutes before
approaching the deer.After a couple of minutes Scot climbs out
of his tree and Jing lands gracefully under her's."That was a good
shot." Jing compliments Scot."Same for you." Scot replies.

They harvest all they can from both of their kills.Once they
finish cleaning their knives in the stream Jing asks "Should we
head back?"."I don't think those deer are gonna be back here
anytime soon so it might be best." Scot replies."Oh hey!Maybe we
could try some stalking while we head back?" Jing proposes."We
could see if we find any on our way back." Scot answers.

Jing and Scot walk as quietly as they can with their weapons ready
as they head back to the city.Following their path back they
sadly do not see any deer.Arriving at the city Jing and Scot head
into the marketplace to sell their hides and extra meat to the

Once done they head back to the residential district.They walk
down the road in silence and pass Scot's house.Jing glances at
Scot but neither of them say anything.They arrive at Jing's house
and Jing stops and looks at Scot."I..." Jing takes a deep breath
and clutches her necklace "I know what this is going to sound like
and I know we haven't been around each other for long but...Would
you please stay another night with me?" Jing asks.

"I could but.I do need to put this meat up first." Scot replies.
Jing smiles and says "Alright I will go ahead and make us
something to eat then.".Jing hugs Scot and Scot walks to his
house as Jing enters her's.Walking down to his house he see's
Guan Yu knocking at his door.

"Guan?" Scot asks as he approaches Guan."Oh you are just getting
back home?" Guan asks."Well I was going to put some stuff up.Jing
asked me to stay with her again tonight." Scot replies.Guan smiles
"Oh both of you are getting along well huh?Just be careful." Guan
chuckles."Not like that!" Scot exclaims turning red.

"It isn't important just as long as both of you are happy.Zeus
said he told you when the competition was gonna be held.Now,I am
not gonna stop you from joining but I think you shouldn't.You are
a very skilled archer to achieve godhood.However you are new here
and I don't want to you to be overwhelmed by the amount of other
gods you would meet." Guan explains.Scot sighs and says "I am
gonna go.Not cause I want to prove I am better then the others or
even to meet them.But I told Jing Wei I was going."."I see...Just
be ready alright?I am sure most of them will take kindly to you
being there but they won't pull any punches on the range." Guan

"I will be fine.I only want to be there for Jing." Scot says
smiling.".Guan lets out a sigh "It's obvious I can't talk you out
of it so I'll leave it be.Good luck though.".Scot gives a nod and
bows as he enters his house.Putting up the meat and changing into
different clothes Scot gets ready to head back to Jing's house.

Arriving at Jing's house Scot knocks on the door.A few moments
pass until Jing opens the door "You didn't have to knock." Jing
says."I just wanted to polite." Scot replies walking into the
house.Jing closes the door behind him."You have your hair down
again." Scot remarks."Well you said you liked it this way." Jing
says smiling.

Scot walks into the living room that is dimly light by a single
candle on the table.Scot sits down on the couch as Jing walks into
the living room and sits next to him."I hope grilled deer meat
is okay with you." Jing says."From this morning?" Scot asks.Jing
nods and reaches for the two plates on the table and offers one
to Scot."Thank you." Scot says taking the plate."It was my
pleasure." Jing replies.

After done eating they set their plates back on the table.
Looking at Jing,Scot can see she is nervous.Jing leans over and
blows out the candle plunging the room into darkness and sits
on Scot's lap and curls up as he gently puts his arms around her.
"You're so warm." Jing mumbles.

Jing and Scot sit on the couch in each others arms for a while.
Time passes and Jing sits up and looks at Scot."I getting
a little...tired.Do you...maybe want to sleep together?" Jing asks
nervously."Y-yes." Scot replies quietly.Jing gets up and grabs
Scot's hand leading him into the bedroom.Jing turns on the bedroom
light as they enter.

"I-I am gonna...go change in the bathroom." Jing stutters as she
enters the bathroom.Scot takes off his shirt and sits down on the
bed.Jing walks back into the bedroom after a few moments wearing
fluffy pajamas.She walks over to the door and turns off the light
and crawls into bed hiding under the covers.Scot gets under the
cover with Jing and she crawls into his arms."Scot?" Jing asks.

"Hmm what is it?" Scot replies quietly."Could you...maybe start
staying with me more?" Jing asks quietly."Are you asking me to
live with you?" Scot whispers.Jing gets flustered and hides her
face.Scot gently pats the top of Jing's head."If you really want
me to I would be happy to do that." Scot says in a soft tone of
So it should be obvious I haven't posted anything in almost two months!I have been going through some trouble in my life recently(and still am).I am starting to finish chapter 13 though.It is currently at fifteen paragraphs so I need another five before I even think of posting it.

I plan on posting more often then once every two months.So sorry for the long wait the next chapter should be done pretty soon though!


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