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The art style is really good and there isn't to much wrong with the picture. Her breasts seem...strange,I can't really put my finger on...

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So far I have really enjoyed writing this story and I wanted to tie up a few loose ends that I didn't explain in the book cause I could not figure out a good way to explain it.

1.There is technology in this story.But there isn't guns or cars or things like that and it's a little more scarce then in our world today.

2.In case you didn't know most of the characters in the story are based on characters from the PC/PS4/Xbox game SMITE.

Anyway thanks for taking your time to read this. <3
Waking up early in the morning Scot makes breakfast for himself
and checks on his gear one last time.Making sure he isn't
forgetting anything he heads out.The morning air is cold and
humid but this does not deter Scot.

Scot begins heading north deeper into the city.Stepping into the
marketplace it's quiet as the shopkeepers are setting up for
another day.Walking through the marketplace Scot looks around.He
never got to see how beautiful the square is without all the
people around.Lots of stalls and storefronts are around with
brightly colored signs,large awnings and clear windows showing
off various products.

As Scot begins to leave the marketplace he enters the industrail
district where most of the products and eletronics are produced.
Many people crowd the narrow roads heading to work and getting
through all of them is difficult.

Scot is able to find a few alleyways that have only a handful of
people traveling down them and is able to leave the city in a
timely manner.Continuing north into the forest Scot wields his
bow and pays attention to his surroundings.Going deeper into the
forest Scot begins hearing many birds chirping and wildlife
moving around the woods.

Scot kneels to the ground and uses a old hunting technique.Taking
one of his arrows he digs puts the tip into the ground and
displaces some of the dirt and places one of his fingers into the
hole to check for moisture."To substantial water source
is nearby." Scot thinks.

Standing up Scot moves on into the woods.Finding a clearing in the
trees Scot looks around but it is difficult to see through the
thick plants and bushes that cover the area.Hearing a rustling
coming from the thick cover Scot crouches and nocks a arrow.

Staying silent the rustling grows louder until a man that appears
similar to a monkey steps out.Scot looks up surprised not knowing
what to do."I don't recongize you...Are you the new hunter?" the
man asks.Giving a nod Scot swallows "I am...who are you?" he asks.

"I am Sun Wukong the great sage." Sun replies."What are you doing
out here then?" Scot asks."Now that is none of your business young
one." Sun replies walking past Scot.As Sun leaves Scot stands up
and watches Sun.Turning around Scot skirts the thick cover until
he reaches the other side.

A few hours pass with nothing happening.Until Scot spots a small
river.Looking up both ways Scot cannot see the beginning or the
end to the river.Taking a moment to think Scot decides to head
upstream to find the start of the river.

Scot follows the small river upstream until he starts heading
into the mountains on the island.Continuing to follow the river
Scot finds that its flowing out the side of one of the hills.

disappointed Scot heads back downstream.While walking downhill
Scot see's a deer drinking from the river.Crouching Scot nocks a
arrow and takes aim.Taking a deep breath Scot exhales and releases
the arrow watching it hit the deer in the chest killing it.

Scot stands and walks to the deer.Kneeling down next to the
recently killed deer Scot pays his respects.After harvesting the
deer Scot cleans his hunting knife in the river and attaches the
rolled hide to his waist and places the meat in his hunters pack
and continues down the stream.

Finding a shady place at the base of the hill Scot builds a small
fire and cooks some of the meat he got from his kill.After eating
and taking a moment to rest and recover Scot takes his quiver and
makes a small slash in it with his hunter knife.Making sure the
fire is extinguished he continues his search.

Following the river for almost a hour he finds the end.A small
pond in a little valley.Scot sits down for a moment.Sighing Scot
looks down thinking of what to do next."Hey are you lost?" a
unknown voice asks.Looking behind him Scot see's it is Erlang
Shen and his dog."hi Erlang and I am not exactly lost just
looking for something." Scot replies."How do you know my name?!"
Erlang exclaims in shock."Guan Yu told me when he was showing me
around.We saw you being chased by Sun Wukong."

A brief moment of silence passes between the two."So what are you
looking for?" Erlang asks."A lake that has a small island in it."
Scot says."Oh the one Jing Wei goes to all the time?" Erlang
says.Looking back at Erlang "You know where it is?Can you show
me?" Scot asks."I can but it's a long ways off.About a days travel
from here." Erlang explains."Then let's get going." Scot

Setting off on their hike together they start heading south to
their destination."So Erlang why are you out here?" Scot asks."I
come out here to train.I also like to hike." Erlang replies.

Hours pass as they travel."It's getting late we should make camp
somewhere." Erlang says."It's going to be a full moon tonight we
can keep traveling." Scot says."Alright fine." Erlang replies.

Erlang and Scot continue to travel through the night."Let's get a
little sleep.We have been traveling all day and most of the
night." Scot says.Erlang gathers wood and starts a fire as Scot
climbs into a tree and finds a place to sleep.

As the sun rises Scot wakes up.Looking around he can see a good
distance around them.Scot takes a look down at the base of the
tree and see's Erlang still asleep.Scot climbs out the tree as
quietly as he can and goes to gather wood.

Scot starts a small fire and begins cooking some more of the deer
meat.The sound of the fire awakens Erlang."Hungry?Go ahead and eat
I cooked some meat for you." Scot says."Thank you." Erlang says as
he takes one of the sticks and begins eating the meat.

After eating breakfast Scot makes sure the fire is put out."So
onward?" Scot asks."Onward." Erlang agrees.So they continue on
their journey.
"Shit." a unknown male voice can be heard over the unknown roar
and piercing sound that is clashing steel."Our commander is down,
Medic!" another voice can be heard.Coming to,Scot opens his eyes
and looks around at the disgusting view that is a battlefield.

The smell of blood and death is strong as corpses litter the area.
Those still breathing are fighting the rest are dead or screaming
in agony over their wounds.Sitting up Scot feels a sharp pain in
his left shoulder.Looking over he can see a arrow sticking out.

"Don't move you're injured." a unknown soldier says."Medic get
your ass over here now!" the soldier demands.A young female in
chainmail armor with a red cross on her chest runs over."You
called me over here for this?!He is gonna live but others are not
so lucky!" the woman exclaims.

"This is your commander and you will ensure he makes it out off
of this battlefield in one peice." the soldier orders and then
rushes off into battle.The medic looks at Scot "look  you're gonna
be fine.Can you walk?" the medic asks."I...think so." Scot
feebly replies."Good enough.Just get off the battlefield and find
a doctor.Just do not remove the arrow let a doctor do that.".

Scot gives a nod and the medic runs off to a fallen soldier.
Getting on his feet Scot leaves the battlefield.As he enters the
forest the sounds of the battle grow softer until they can no
longer be heard.Continuing to walk Scot hears a soft voice.

"Hey,you okay?" he hears a female ask.Scot stops and draws his
sword and takes a look around.As he examines the forest around him
everything goes dark.

Opening his eyes Scot see's Jing Wei sitting on the branch in
front of him.Scot frantically looks around nervous and confused.
"Are you okay...?" Jing asks looking at Scot.

"I'm...fine.Just had a dream." Scot replies."What was it about?"
Jing asks catiously."I think it was before I died." Scot says.
Jing's eyes widen "Oh I'm sorry I asked."."No it's fine.I have
come to terms with it and I am okay with it all." Scot says as he
looks at his left shoulder."Then could you tell me about the
dream?" Jing asks."Sure.It started with..." and Scot explains to
Jing his dream.

"Then I opened my eyes and was here." Scot finishes.Jing engrossed
with Scot's dream paid close attention to everything."I could only
imagine how that would feel.We don't have war here on the
islands.It's peaceful aside from the competitions we have." Jing
tells Scot."I remember.It isn't fun...You can feel the presence of
death looming just waiting for another person to fall.I never
wanted to fight in war.But I gave in and joined with my friend as
he joined." Scot says in a sad tone.

"What...what happened to your friend?" Jing asks nervously."I
don't remember.I remember us joining and fighting together but.I
can't remember what happened to him." Scot replies.Jing looks
around trying to change the subject."Where did you get that
necklace?" Jing asks pointing to Scot's neck."I bought it at the
market.There was two of them in the box." Scot replies reaching
into his pocket pulling out a small black box.

"It's beautiful." Jing remarks."Do you want it?I mean it's a arrow
and you're a hunter." Scot shyly asks.Jing looks at Scot "Are you
sure?"."Well I have one already so I don't need a second." Scot
assures.Jing reaches over and gently picks up the necklace and
inspects it."It's...enchanted." She looks at Scot a little
suspiciously."It is?what is the enchantment?" Scot asks curiously.

"I am not sure.I can feel the energy emanate from it." Jing says.
Scot takes out the map of the city and examines it looking for
something that might help them."This map says there is a
enchanter near the entrance.We could take the necklaces there
and ask what the enchantment is." Scot says pointing at his map.

Jing looks at the map and thinks for a moment."...I'll race you
there!" She exclaims jumping off the branch and taking flight.Scot
hangs from the branch and lets go landing on the ground yelling
"Hey no fair you can fly!" as he chases after her.

Reaching the entrance of the city Scot see's Jing Wei standing
there waiting on him."What took you so long?" Jing asks giggling.
In between breaths Scot speaks "Not fly."."Heh
maybe you should have ran faster." Jing teases Scot.

Catching his breath Scot says "Okay let's go meet the
enchanter.".Scot and Jing walk into the entrance and down the road
to the enchanting shop.Walking into the small shop they see a
middle aged woman behind the counter."Ah welcome to Chaya's
enchanting store how can I help you?" the woman asks cheerfully.

Placing his necklace on the counter "I bought this at the market
and wanted to know what enchantment was on it." Scot asks.The
woman inspects the necklace closely for a few moments before
placing it down on the counter and saying "Ah,this is a energy duo
necklace.".Scot confused asks "Energy duo?"."Yes,this came as two
necklaces right?" the woman asks.

Scot looks at Jing and says "Yes she has the other and was curious
to the enchantment."."Well to explain it simply.If both of you
wear the necklaces at the same time your energy will be shared
between both of you." the woman calmly explains."So for example
if this girl here uses any magic both of your energies will be
depleted evenly.Many warriors will wear necklaces like this to
share energy in battle." the woman continues explaining.

"Magic?" Scot asks.the woman looks at Scot confused "Do you not
understand what magic is?"."He is new here.He...passed away a few
days ago." Jing says."Oh I am sorry." the woman apologizes."No
it's fine I am dealt with that already.But about magic." Scot
says."Well here many of us use this energy called mana to fuel our
magic.Some of us can use spells while others use their magic skill
to make themself tougher or faster.It is complicated and takes
time to learn but it is well worth it." the woman explains.

"Well thank you for your help." Scot says thankfully."It was no
trouble.My name is Chaya come back anytime you want to ask about
magic or enchantments." Chaya replies.Scot and Jing head back out
onto the road.Jing looks at the necklace and puts it on.Scot
watches Jing put on the necklace and smiles at her."Thank you
for the necklace." Jing says."You're welcome.Um...can you do any
magic spells or anything?" Scot asks.

Jing holds out her hand and makes a small cyclone of wind."Wow
that is amazing!" Scot exclaims.Jing smiles "Thank you I have
worked hard on it.I want to be able to make one big enough that
I can launch myself into the sky making it easier to take off."
Jing states."Could you help teach me how to do that?" Scot asks.

"I will,but on one condition." Jing states."What is it?" Scot
asks eagerly."You have to find a lake in the forest that has a
small island in it.I will be on the island in 3 days and if you
find me there I will teach you." Jing says."Alright then." Scot
happily states."See you in 3 days then!" Jing says as she takes

Scot smiles as he watches Jing fly away.Deciding to head home Scot
begins walking.Heading down the narrow streets that make up the
residential district he makes his way back home.Scot begins to
prepare for tomorrow and checks his equipment and packs various
foods and water.After double checking his gear Scot takes a
shower and heads to bed.
As Guan and Scot walk across the bridge Guan looks to his left and
states."There.".Scot looks over "That is Ao Kuangs underwater
palace.Just to let you know Ao Kuang can be difficult to deal with
so most of his just leave him alone." Guan states.

Continuing down the bridge Guan points to the sky."See that?Up in
the sky.That is Jing Wei.She is a hunter,like you.She often flies
around the island.I am sure both of you can learn a lot from
each other."."Are there any other Chinese hunters?" Scot asks.
"Yes there is.His name is Hou Yi.He can be very hot headed at
times.However he is still a great hunter." Guan replies.

Reaching the end of the bridge and stepping onto the Chinese
island A man and a dog are running away from a loin."We should
help him!" Scot yells.Guan quickly speaks "Stop!That man is Erlang
Shen.The loin is Sun Wukong.They don't get along well.He will be
fine just let them be.".

Continuing inland Scot notices a young boy meditating by a small
pond."Who is that?" Scot asks."That boy is Ne Zha.He is very kind
and protective however young and foolish." Guan replies.

As they start to approach the city Scot looks at it and see's many
buildings both big and small,simple and complex in design.Many
farms growing a variety of crops can be seen outside the city with
thin forests filled with various wildlife.

They both enter the city and Guan speaks to Scot."This is the
main city on the Chinese island.There are other cities but this
is the largest.For now this is where you will live.Your home is
just over there." Guan says pointing down a small tiled road.

Once reaching Scot's temporary house Guan hands Scot the key and
a sack of gold coins and a map of the city."Here is your key and
some gold for food and anything else you may need.When you are
ready for a weapon come to the barracks we have a bow maker that
can produce one for you." Guan tells Scot."Thank you." Scot says.

"Well I must be off for now.If you need me for any reason go to my
house.I marked it on the map.Also if I am not there leave a note
and I will try to help you as soon as I can." Guan says as he
begins to depart.With a bow Scot unlocks the door and steps into
the house.

Looking around the house isn't very large but it has everything
one person would need.Scot checks various cabinets and drawers.
Looking around the bedroom it is simple like the rest of the
house.A small one person bed,a closet,nightstand and a small

After resting for a few minutes Scot heads out to the market.
Taking a look at the map Scot walks through the small roads
until finally reaching the main square inside the city.After
some shopping Scot heads home with various meats and vegetables
along with a 2 necklaces.

Once done placing the food up Scot sits on the couch in the
living room and looks at the necklaces.both of them are small
golden arrows with a string looped through a small hoop at
the nock.while holding the necklaces Scot can feel a strange
energy emanating from the necklaces.

Scot puts one on but doesn't feel any different.He puts the other
one back in the box they came in and sets it down on the table
in front of the couch.Some time passes and day turns to night.

Scot feeling tired decides to go to bed.Waking up in the morning
Scot gets up and looks out the window.A dense fog restricts
visibility.Getting dressed Scot heads out.Looking at the map
he finds his way to the barracks.

After asking a few soldiers he finds the bow maker.the bow makers
looks at Scot as he approaches."Ah the new hunter.Here a bow hmm?"
the old man asks."Yes.But I do want to make it myself.I have a
technique I remember making my old bow with." Scot replies.

"Well you can use my tools and wood as you feel fit just be
careful with them." the man asks."I will,thank you sir.Also...what
is your name?" Scot asks."Fere." he replies.Scot bows and walks
over to the log pile.

Scot picks out a fresh cherry blossom log.Picking it up and
carrying it on his shoulder he walks to the campfire in the middle
of the barracks compound and throws it down on the edge of the
flames.After letting it burn for a while he pulls it out and lets
it cool.

Once the log is cool enough to handle Scot brings it back to the
bow makers area and places it down on the ground."You burned it?"
Fere asks surprised."Yes it hardens the heartwood of the log and
makes it easier to carve." Scot replies.

A few hours pass and Scot finally finishes carving the bow.Scot
brings the bow and a metal trough back to the campfire.After
filling the trough with water Scot heats the bow up then douses
the bow.

"I see.Just like forging a sword.You are tempering it,yes?" Fere
asks."Yes sir." Scot replies cheerfully.A few moments pass and
Scot takes the bow out of the water."The fire softens the outside
of the log making it easier to carve while the making the
heartwood tougher.Just like you said placing it in the fire then
dousing it tempers it just like you would a sword.Again toughing
it allowing it to hold more stregnth." Scot states.

"But that means it takes a lot of stregnth to draw the bow." Fere
says.With a smile Scot carves notches into the tips of the bow.
After stringing the bow he walks over to the firing range and
nocks a arrow.Pulling the bowstring back steadily Scot begins to
aim."Just like when you were human." Scot thinks to himself.

Releasing the bowstring the arrow flies towards the hay target
peircing cleanly through it and breaking on the stone wall behind
the target.With a smile Scot looks at Fere "It does take a lot of
stregnth.But don't you expect that from the god of archery?" Scot
says confidently.

"You did well but don't be arrogant you are still new here." Fere
replies approvingly."Feel free to come by anytime." Fere speaks
with a smile.Scot bows to Fere and walks out of the barracks back
into the city.

Scot sits down on a bench and looks at his bow."I remember how to
make this bow but I don't remember much else about it.I did feel
at peace wielding it though" Scot thinks to himself before being
brought back into reality by Guan Yu."So you have a bow?" Guan
asks."Yes I made it myself." Scot replies."That's good.There is
something I forgot to tell you yesterday.You will need to find a
way to make gold.I imagine you would be good at hunting.So maybe
try that.If that doesn't work out I will be happy to help you find
a job." Guan speaks.

Looking down at his bow Scot says "I think hunting will go well.".
Guan smiles "Well I have things to do and I am glad to see you are
taking this well,Take care."."You to." Scot replies.

Scot walks back to the market and purchases a quiver and a some
arrows.After putting on the quiver Scot inserts the arrows and
walks towards the entrance of the city.

Once reaching the entrance Scot heads east into the forest.Bow
drawn arrow nocked Scot begins stalking the forest.A few minutes
pass and Scot spots a deer.Taking aim with his he prepares to
fire but the deer spots him and runs off.Scot lowers his bow and
watches as the deer flees.

Stalking again he spots another deer.But as a prepares to fire it
also spots him and runs away.After checking the wind direction
Scot learns he is upwind from the deer.Looking around Scot thinks.

Some moments pass when Scot looks at a tree.Placing the bow on his
back Scot tries to climb one of the trees and as if he has done it
many times before he quickly scales up the pine tree and rests
on a branch.
As a bright white flash of light fades,there sits upon a throne of
gold a gigantic man with 2 other women nearby.Hair and beard white
as fresh fallen snow in white clothing with gold accents he gazes
upon the human in front of him.

"So you finally arrived.A great warrior tha" the man speaks in a
deep voice that echos deep from the fog before getting cut
off by one of the women nearby."Um,excuse me sir.This isn't the
warrior." She states quietly."Then who is this?" He replies
in the same deep voice."This is the hunter." She replies.

Looking at the human standing on nothing but a small stone
platform the man eyes the tiny man."Hunter?" The human asks."Yes
you are a outstanding hunter performing feats others can only
dream of."one of the women reply."I am?" The man asks confused.
"Amnesia.It is common for people who have...recently passed."
replies the woman.

"Recently passed,I'm...dead?" Asks the man."Yes you are.You were
killed in war by a stray arrow." The other woman states.The man
looks at his hands then up to giant man "So...what is this?".

Clearing his throat the man speaks in his deep voice "Greetings
great archer.You inspired many,performed several feats and fought
valiantly on the battlefield.Unlike other mortals you have proven
yourself.I am honored to offer you godhood as a god of archery.".

The human gazes at the giant man."So there are gods?" He asks.
One of the women reply "There are many actually.Even different
pantheons who watch over their own regions."."For example the man
on the throne before you is Zeus the god of gods." the women says.

The man looks up at Zeus "I will accept on 1 condition." the man
speaks."What is that condition?" Zeus asks."What is my name?" asks
the man.Zeus pauses for a moment."Scot.Your name is Scot." Zeus

"Then I,Scot the god archery will accept your offer." Scot
replies.A bright light overtakes Scot and he is awoken in a forest
on a dirt path.Zeus appears in front of Scot and looks at him.

"Rise and walk with me." Zeus says.Scot getting onto his feet
looks at Zeus and begins to walk."Now things are a little
complicated and I won't go into to much detail and confuse you.So
I will keep it simple and as short as possible." Zeus says.

"This is the realm of gods.Well...apart of it.This is merely a
waiting area a endless forest so I have time to explain to new
gods as yourself.Each pantheon has its own island.While the gods
of that pantheon live there,they are free to move as they
please.We of course have rules and laws which you will be taught
and the rest should be common sense." Zeus explains.

"Wait,what pantheon do I belong to?" Scot asks."Chinese.You lived
in the Chinese controlled area so you are placed with them." Zeus

Zeus goes back to explaining."I would recommend making friends
with the gods.Most of us are nice and more then willing to help
you adjust to life here.If you want to speak to me more you can
come to Mount Olympus on the main island or go to the Greek island
and find me there.Until then I will leave you at the entrance to
the Chinese island and I will tell Guan Yu to meet you there and
help you."

With another flash of light Scot is transported.Standing at the
beginning of the bridge leading to the Chinese island.Looking
at the bridge it is a simple wooden bridge with a large Paifang
towering over the bridge.

A few moments pass and then Guan Yu appears on the bridge riding
a horse swiftly to the other side.As Guan Yu approaches he stops
the horse and dismounts.

"I assume you are Scot?" Guan speaks in a firm a
modest bow Scot replies "Yes sir I am.".Smiling Guan speaks "Then
I will be showing you to your private quarters.So follow me." Guan
begins to lead his horse as he begins to walk across the bridge
with Scot not far behind.
So far I have really enjoyed writing this story and I wanted to tie up a few loose ends that I didn't explain in the book cause I could not figure out a good way to explain it.

1.There is technology in this story.But there isn't guns or cars or things like that and it's a little more scarce then in our world today.

2.In case you didn't know most of the characters in the story are based on characters from the PC/PS4/Xbox game SMITE.

Anyway thanks for taking your time to read this. <3


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